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Health Oddity Podcast

Nov 25, 2022

We meet Vicki Causer, the owner of Real. Strong. Women - a coaching, education & fitness company aimed at helping women through the various stages of life & the different challenges & misconceptions that may arise at each stage.

The inspiration for Real.Strong.Women stemmed from Vicki’s journey of recovery along the...

Nov 18, 2022

Adam is a Specialist Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist, and Strength & Conditioning Coach working in the NHS and private practice in the UK.

You may know Adam from his hilarious and often spiky and ‘triggering’ instagram account. Adam doesn’t hold back when he sees fake gurus, useless modalities and potentially...

Nov 11, 2022

We meet Meghan Callaway from Vancouver, Canada. Author of the Ultimate Pull-Up Program, The Ultimate Push-Up Program & The Ultimate Pistol Squat Program.

At 42, Meghan continues to improve her technique, refine her approach AND enhance her strength. Through a combination of traditional strength training, Unilateral...

Nov 4, 2022

We meet Donna Moore, 3 x Worlds Strongest Woman, 3 x Arnold’s Strongwoman winner & multiple world record holder.

We discuss how Donna got started in her 20s with regular fitness classes to lose weight & increase confidence before getting more involved in strength focussed training & ultimately becoming the Strongest...