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Health Oddity Podcast

Nov 18, 2022

Adam is a Specialist Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist, and Strength & Conditioning Coach working in the NHS and private practice in the UK.

You may know Adam from his hilarious and often spiky and ‘triggering’ instagram account. Adam doesn’t hold back when he sees fake gurus, useless modalities and potentially harmful practices in the fitness industry.

Cue Adam’s popular ‘Silly Bullshit’ posts calling out industry norms that have no evidence. In this podcast Adam doesn’t hold back on his opinion but also his language!

Adam backs up his opinions with experience and evidence and in his own practice has helped a wide range of people return to full function after an injury or episode of pain, and understands the importance of good honest robust rehab for all.

If you are easily offended by coarse language then this episode is definitely not for you