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Health Oddity Podcast

Oct 28, 2022

The 3 hosts catch up between a big run of guests with a breather episode to review & reflect on recent podcasts & what’s going on with us ‘training wise’ & with our clients.

We discuss the concept of a ‘Physical Pension’ and the importance of investing our time and efforts wisely now to reap the benefits in...

Oct 21, 2022

We meet Rebecca Rouse, founder of online training company @semperstronger competitive weightlifter, @strongfirst SFG2 & all round badass!

From a young age Rebecca was travelling & competing in gymnastics, which laid a solid foundation of strength & movement. She has excelled in various modalities of strength training &...

Oct 14, 2022

Mark Bennett MBE is a coach of high performance coaches, he also coaches business leaders and parents

He embeds change into developing interdependents

We talked about all sorts of behavioural change through coaching and why the language we use is hugely important This is one of those episodes that everyone will benefit...

Oct 7, 2022

Ryan Hurst is a pioneer in the internet age. With many people looking to Silicon Valley for the newest apps and shiny objects they fail to see the revolution in fitness that was taking place in Osaka.

Ryan, co-founder of GMB Fitness, quietly started to work out how to communicate the complex language of movement over...