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Health Oddity Podcast

Oct 28, 2021

Today's guest is Keegan Smith, who many will know as The ATG Mentor! Keegan is a pivotal influence in the highly influential Kneesovertoes approach which is taking the fitness world by storm.

He runs the Athletic Truth Group’s Coaching System. Furthermore, he's coached the World Championship Rugby Team the Sydney Roosters in 2013 which included Sonny Bill Williams (the world’s highest paid rugby player). On this weeks podcast he gives us his thoughts on why Ground up training is so effective, why the knees over toes guy has struck a cord and why we should all pay attention to it.

He’s a Coach’s coach, pulling from his years in elite sport and also his desire to extend the competitive life of any individual. Hot off the press and for anyone who wants to understand the forefront of fitness in 2021!