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Health Oddity Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

This week we welcome a guest from the world of endurance.  

Brad is an American author (Primal Endurance and more in the works), successful podcast host (Primal Endurance with Mark Sisson and the B.Rad Podcast), professional #speedgolfer Masters high jumper, and former professional #triathlete . He performed on the international #triathlon circuit from 1986 to 1995 and won 31 events worldwide. 

He is currently a top-20 world-ranked professional #Speedgolfer, and 2020 top-3 world-ranked Masters age 55-59 high jumper. In 2018, Brad broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest single hole of #golf ever played (minimum length, 500 yards).

Here’s the thing, Brad is achieving all these things post career, at 56, so for our listeners Brad has exceptional insight into how you stay competitive well past your 40’s.  We also take the opportunity to address the complexity of hormone balance for men, which is rarely highlighted. 

Go hard go fast?  Yes… but only if you’re prepared to focus on areas others aren’t prepared to.